Within raschig rings ceramic outperforms almost every other packing products

If you plan to stack your own home distilling column or even your commercial distilling, cooling, absorption, regeneration, drying, scrubbing, or stripping tower with adequate packing then you should understand that in raschig rings ceramic outperforms almost every other packing products. Ceramic is actually a tough material that will truly improve the quality and quantity of your output in an very inexpensive way.

All processes that require mass transfer require the help of appropriate packing inside the tower or column so as to enhance the efficiency of liquid gas distribution. Raschig rings, invented by a chemist from Germany, Friedrich Raschig, have turned out to be extremely useful in raschig-rings.com boosting the surface area inside a column or tower, thereby optimizing distilling or any other related process in a very affordable rate. Each ring usually possesses the same height and diameter and many rings are stacked in packing beds where they work to effectively separate various gases and liquids depending on their planned usage. You as well can easily start using these rings that are available in a wide range of sizes and materials to provide a helpful boost for your needed process.

These revolutionary yet completely simple raschig rings are available in sizes that range from 6 mm and 150 mm though there are producers of rings that will also serve your customized demands. These rings are also available in numerous metals including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and various other metal alloys. On the other hand you can also opt for plastic rings made out of PVC, HDPE, LDPE, as well as other plastics although in raschig rings ceramic does offer all other materials a tough fight indeed. Ceramic is a dense packing material which has been fired in kilns and thus has excellent heat resistant properties along with resistance to almost all acids other than Hydrofluoric Acid. Its dense construction also gives this simple ring with very high mechanical strength as a result rendering it very suitable to be stacked in large numbers even in a deep bed.

Raschig rings also provide an even better option to using conventional fractional distilling towers fitted with trays while also offering around 30 % more surface area than regular ceramic balls. You can locate several suppliers in traditional industrial stores even though a handy option that could surely save lots of money, energy, and time would be to find suppliers having an online presence that could provide you with competitive quotes together with specifications and other charges such as shipping, packing, etc, so that you can make an order without wasting any time at all. In raschig rings ceramic will help with ensuring lower pressure drops that can mean energy savings since you need not raise the temperature to make up for sudden drops. Whether you are part of the petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, or alcohol industry, or are just an avid alcohol lover over to produce your own signature alcoholic beverage, making use of ceramic raschig rings will truly benefit you both in technical and financial terms.

Whether you possess a compact home distillation kit with a ethanol distillation column or have a professional setup for distilling, heating, cooling, scrubbing, stripping, or absorbing various chemicals, you should certainly use raschig rings as packing to receive optimum results. In raschig rings ceramic outperforms almost every other packing materials since it effortlessly eliminates all your problems in a cost effective way.