Combination of type 2 diabetes + weight loss + low carbohydrate diet

Now, everyone knows that a healthy diet especially a low carbohydrate diet plays a vital role in supervising of diabetes. In case there is type 2 diabetes, you have to face two problems the first is diabetes and the other is being overweight. Obviously, keeping track of type 2 diabetes is your first objective. If you will not pay proper attention, it may cause other complications. Weight-loss is your other target. To achieve the initial goal you have to take appropriate medications, and to attain your other goal you have to consume a low carbohydrate diet.

Type 2 diabetes is a very common form of diabetes. It’s a type of diabetes that’s connected with diabetes park obesity, old age and family history of diabetes. If not considered seriously it can create serious complications such as clouding eye sight, heart problems, etc. This is one good reason why you find high fatality rate in type 2 diabetes in comparison to other types of diabetes.

In type 2 diabetes, your system creates inadequate quantity of insulin or no insulin at all. Your doctor prescribes doses of insulin after studying your blood sugar test results. Usually in early stage of type 2 diabetes your doctor does not prescribe insulin doses. At this stage a low carbohydrate diet helps you to manage diabetes with no medicines. It is demonstrated that a low carbohydrate diet works well for the therapy for diabetes. Apart from this, it may also help to tackle other risk factors connected with type 2 diabetes. However, you should be in accordance with your diet and supplement it with an exercise regime.

Overweight or obesity generally is one of the cause of type 2 diabetes. In these case you will need a diet which will help you to maintain a healthy weight. A low carbohydrate diet is exactly what you need.

Generally, foods that we eat contain carbohydrates. Our body converts carbohydrates eaten by us to a fuel or glucose. And insulin inside our body produces energy utilizing glucose. A solid idea of a low carbohydrate diet is based on this process of our body. By manipulating the consumption of carbohydrates within your body, you can manage blood glucose levels. Usually, a low carbohydrate diets confines the carbohydrate intake to 20 grams daily. Following of a low carbohydrate diet means you’re producing lesser amount of glucose than required. At this stage the insulin within your body attempts to use fats in place of glucose to produce energy. In this method it burns fats within our body. This procedure is named as ketosis. Once your body starts the entire process of burning fats, you start out reducing your weight.

That’s why your physician recommends following a low carbohydrate diet along with medication and exercise. There are different types of low carbohydrate diets out there. You need to choose one which fits your diet plan and lifestyle. Before selecting one, you have to be familiar with your everyday calorie specifications.